Many document management systems are geared for the larger enterprise. They usually are unwieldy and overly complex, requiring much effort and training.

Scan Manager was developed to provide you with what you need, rather than what the developer believes you want.

We have in fact been using our own application in our own business for the past year with great success. This is what prompted us to provide this little gem to the community at large.
The main focus of Scan Manager was to provide.

1. Inward scanning of documents

2. Association of documents to client files

3. Standard and custom letter writing

4. PDF file viewing and manipulation

5. Ease of Use

Scan Manager has achieved these features, and much more. The ability to grab a document in a timely fashion, and view it right there on your desktop, saves on time and workflow. Saving you money.

Whether you use it as a single user or as part of a team, it works just as you need it to.
  • Scan documents and allocate pages to client PDF files
  • Send standard letters to clients
  • Send individually customised standard letters to clients
  • Save standard and custom letters to client PDF files
  • Add notes to client PDF files
  • Overlay standard letters onto PDF saved letterhead.
  • Timestamp PDF pages and notes added to client files.
  • Associate pdf and other document files to individual clients
  • Email associated files as attachments to recipients
  • Search for text inside PDF files
  • Watch folders for new document files
  • Log new pages added to client PDF files
  • Associate users to clients and client files
  • Maintain security access to users
  • Maintain password control for secure user access
  • Set general preferences for a personalised feel
  • Works on Windows XP to Windows 8

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