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At Fiscal Software we use a low cost subscription service for our products and this includes Scan Manager. We believe that with technology moving so fast, one off payment options end up costing you much more if you try to keep up to date.

So what does this means for you?

It means that you pay one low fee every year, and that entitles you to any updates or upgrades, and technical support during the period of your annual subscription**

What does it mean for us?

Well, put quite plainly, the subscription model allows us to continue to develop and improve the programs we write, rather than abandon old projects.

We are in partnership with our customers and are committed to providing you with the very best software to meet your current needs and future proof your software technology.

* The Enterprise and Lite editions will be released later in 2013

** Firms that wish to trial the software for a period of time and then request a higher level, will receive a credit for their initial investment. Call for details.

All online purchases are conducted on the secure Fiscal Software on-line store.


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